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      2 x 80 Mega Tons Cement Grinding Project in Jinli Cement Plant, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

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      This project mainly consists of the discharge at wharf, clinker storage and transportation, cement batching station, plaster mix-material grinding and transport, cement grinding, cement storage and bulk, cement packaging. The processing of production adopts Siemens PLC for automation control and monitoring. The PLC has the traits of stability, reliability and the resistance to EMI and the false signal inference. CCC takes responsibility of the system integration of the project. Aiming at the condition on site, CCC provides the effective protection to equipment at the process of implement, and ensures the safety of equipment. In addition, the operation of the system is quite convenient and user-friendly. Till the completion, this project has operated with more in stable condition and gained a good praise, appreciation and good cooperation from its clients.

      CCC always ensured the access to its best talent and resources. Due to its culture of collaboration, the clients of CCC have been benefited from the shared knowledge-across disciplines, across market and across oceans.


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      China National Cable Engineering Corporation was formerly known as “China National Electric Wire & Cable Import/Export Corporation”. The corporation is affiliated as an entity to China National Machinery Industry Corporation (referred as SINOMACH).

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      Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, 100007, P.R.China
      Tel: 86 - 10–84094833 84094873
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